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Angels of Anarchy

ANGELS OF ANARCHY is currently accepting proposals for new weekly serials in any genre, as well as albums and novels.


We ask that, before pitching a new serial, all applicants read at least the first season of Mariel Cove. Knowing the benchmark your publisher has set for projects is vital.

To pitch an original serial, email owner and editor Jennifer DiMarco at Share a brief description of your writing career and describe your serial idea. Jennifer will be looking for a unique setting, engaging characters and intriguing twists. She will respond within 24 hours.


We're currently looking for women musicians working in dubstep, EDM or original rock. We produce albums both as CD and digitally and make sure our musicians are distributed through Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay and more than forty other venues.

Send one song (as an mp3) and your bio to our owner, Jennifer DiMarco, at


Genres we're currently considering are: Urban fantasy. Paranormal. Hard science. Science Fiction. Erotica. Surreal. Speculative. Send a 100- to 500-word summary of the novel and your bio to our owner, Jennifer DiMarco, at not sent the manuscript at this time but make sure it is complete (75,000-word minimum) and ready to send upon request. All novels are released as trade paperbacks, ebooks and audio books simultaneously.


We are not currently accepting film proposals as we are working exclusively with Blue Forge Productions. Please check the Blue Forge website to see if they are accepting proposals, actors or writers.


We are not currently accepting game proposals as we are working exclusively with Stacked Games. Please check the Stacked website to see if they are accepting proposals.


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